VONT and Integra join forces to create a premier web development and digital marketing agency

Posted: January 3, 2014   |  

Maine companies with digital marketing expertise and e-commerce development track record merge to provide a powerful combination for e-merchants and area businesses

(Portland, ME) Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting, LLC of Portland, ME and VONT, LLC of Westbrook, ME today announced that the two companies have combined to create a premier web development and digital marketing agency. Integra, a pioneering web development company with a special expertise in creating e-commerce websites and custom web software, will re-locate its offices to VONT’s Westbrook location after the start of the year.

“Integra and VONT have successfully collaborated on joint web development and marketing projects for several years,” said Tom Gale, President of VONT, a leading digital marketing agency with clients in the higher education, consumer packaged goods, tourism and e-commerce segments. “Bringing our two companies together under the VONT moniker will deepen and enhance the web development and digital advertising depth we bring to our clients.”

Established in 2001, Integra has more than a decade of experience helping companies succeed in the digital space. Integra develops e-commerce-based websites, content management systems and sophisticated web-based applications for clients such as the Specialty Food Association, Hutchins Trucking, the Maine Credit Union League, and The Maine Association of Nonprofits.

VONT also develops websites and digital advertising campaigns for its clients. Founded in 2007 by Ethos, a leading branding and marketing agency, VONT excels in bringing brands to life in the digital space with high-performing websites and strategic digital marketing campaigns. VONT manages a multimillion-dollar portfolio of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising campaigns for dozens of clients such as Boston University, Oakhurst Dairy, Udi’s Gluten Free, Glutino and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

“VONT’s digital marketing expertise and Integra’s e-commerce development track record provide a powerful combination for e-merchants and other businesses,” said Tim Brooks, the founder of Integra and VONT’s new Director of Web Development. “By combining with VONT, we are able to provide our clients with much needed digital marketing capabilities to help them succeed in the digital space.”


About VONT

VONT is a digital marketing agency dedicated exclusively to helping clients succeed on the web, social media and other online marketing channels. VONT designs and develops high performing websites and online advertising campaigns. The agency manages search engine marketing campaigns and targeted social media campaigns that deliver measureable results and high returns on investment. The VONT team works closely with co-founder Ethos, a full service, multiplatform branding and marketing agency, to deliver integrated marketing communications across multiple channels for clients. For more information, visit http://www.vontweb.com.

About Integra

Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting provides web strategy consulting, website design and development to businesses throughout New England. Integra works with companies to understand the overall business strategy and target audience to design and develop a set of online tools to help meet their strategic objectives. For more information, see http://www.integrastrategic.com.

About Ethos

Established in 1999, Ethos is a leading full-service branding agency that delivers compelling brand communication across multiple platforms. Ethos specializes in the areas of consumer packaged goods, healthcare, financial services and tourism. The Ethos team includes brand and marketing strategists, public relations and social media professionals, copywriters, creative professionals and media planners and buyers. In 2007 Ethos founded VONT, a digital marketing agency, to deliver integrated marketing communications across multiple channels for clients. For more information, visit http://www.ethos-marketing.com.

Redesigned MBBark site launches

Posted: January 14, 2013   |  

Integra Strategic has launched a redesigned site for MB Bark at www.mbbark.com.

MaineCreditUnions.org goes live

Posted: January 10, 2013   |   Tags:

Integra Strategic has finished and launched a new site for Maine’s Credit Unions at mainecreditunions.org. The website features a responsive design to accomodate mobile devices. Check it out and find your nearest credit union branch or ATM location.

Integra featured in Mainebiz story on tech community

Posted: March 8, 2012   |  

Mainebiz reporter Mindy Woerter recently interviewed Tim Brooks of Integra Strategic Technologies for a story about the tech community in Maine (“Efforts under way to revive Maine’s tech community”, March 5, 2012). The story focuses on the work that Tim and other tech professionals are doing to re-create a sense of community after the state’s technology association disbanded. The group is exploring ongoing tech education, technology oriented user groups, and job posting options.

In addition to Tim volunteering his time, Integra is helping to build a Web site for this new tech community effort. The first feature will enable Maine’s tech community to post information about upcoming events, but the group is exploring many other additional options. Read more at Mainebiz, or contact Tim for more information on how you can participate.

Will Seyffer Wins First Annual Integra Chili Cook-off

Posted: January 29, 2012   |  

Submitting a tasty and well-constructed chili, Will Seyffer won Integra’s first annual Chili Cook-off on Saturday evening, defeating four other chilis, and doubling the score of the second-place winner.

“It was a good time, regardless of the outcome,” said Seyffer, who took home a gold trophy and a Stonewall Kitchen gift basket sporting a blue “First Place” ribbon.

Anne Gale produced a strong chili that barely took second, edging out third place by a single point.  The evening’s hosts, Tim Brooks, whose chili was immensely flavorful but contained too much heat for the judges, and Fiona Brooks, who ordered the bulk of her ingredients from Mexico, graciously shared third place.

Cooper Pickett submitted a Cincinnati chili that was good enough to receive one first place vote.

“Will’s chili was good,” said Tim Brooks.  “He took no risks, played it safe, and produced a very decent traditional chili.”

The event was stage-managed by Hannah Brooks, who deftly devised the scoring procedures and ensured complete fairness for the event.

About Integra
Integra Strategic Technologies is a full-service Web design and development company based in Portland, Maine, with 16 years of experience offering strategic planning, Web site design, custom database solutions, ecommerce applications, Web hosting, and search engine optimization and marketing.

MaineRestaurantWeek.com Goes Live

Posted: December 22, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra Strategic has finished and launched the new and improved Maine Restaurant Week website: www.mainerestaurantweek.com. The website features a design done by Jayne Hanley and stunning food photography by Ted Axelrod.

The site went live on Monday, 12/19.

Maine Restaurant Week starts March 1 2012, so check out the site and start whetting your appetite!


Integra Receives MTI Seed Grant for Client Coordination Software

Posted: September 12, 2011   |  

Portland, Maine – Integra Strategic Techologies, an Internet and Web strategy consulting company, is one of the recipients of MTI’s September Seed Grant.

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) announced at its September meeting that Integra would be one of the twelve companies to receive a portion of the over $141,000 in funding ($220K in matching contributions).  Integra was awarded the grant for their Client, a web-based application for small businesses.  The software includes project management, client invoicing, issue tracking, and customer relationship management among other features.

“We are extremely grateful to MTI for its continued commitment to Maine’s technology industry,” said Integra Strategic president, Tim Brooks. “This grant will allow us to continue development of an innovative and costeffective client coordination application unlike any that is currently available to small businesses.”

Integra Strategic Technologies specializes in developing and designing Web sites as well as Web-based applications and online tool-sets.

SalmonSuppliers.com Goes Live

Posted: August 2, 2011   |   Tags:

Today at 10 am EDT SalmonSuppliers.com, the latest in a series of new Fisheries Exchange websites developed by Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting, went live.

The sites goal is to connect commercial buyers of Salmon (large scale) with commercial suppliers of Salmon (large scale).

You can view the site here: Salmon Suppliers

Integra Strategic Joins the Casco Bay Technology Hub

Posted: July 21, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Portland, Maine –Casco Bay Technology Hub (CBTH)—a Maine-based tech community space providing collaboration, partnerships, and networking opportunities, today announced Integra Strategic, an Internet and Web strategy consulting company, as a founding member of CBTH.

Integra Strategic specializes in developing and designing Web sites as well as Web-based applications and online toolsets.  They work to improve their clients’ data management and collection processes to improve functionality in the online ordering process, streamlining the overall business process.

“The Tech Hub provides a fantastic opportunity to bring some of Portland’s leading technology companies together in the same building,” said Tim Brooks, Principal at Integra Strategic.  “The goal is to create a collaborative, synergistic environment where companies—even competitors—are able to work closely together.”

Through support of its members, CBTH will become a geographic focal point where technology culture fuels business growth.  The Casco Bay Tech Hub offers many great benefits for Maine technology companies that will aid them in recruitment, building partnerships, networking, education and funding growth.  Through CBTH, local tech companies can share, learn and work together as they build relationships with other tech companies, educational institutions, service providers, funding sources and government entities.

For more information on the technology hub and leasing information please visit: http://www.cascobaytechhub.com.

About Casco Bay Technology Hub

CBTH is located at 30 Danforth Street on the second and third floors in Portland, ME. There is no membership fee or any associated costs, prospective members only need is desire to build a tech culture in Maine and the ability to vote for that desire by leasing space at affordable rates.  If you’re interested in the TechHub please visit, http://www.cascobaytechhub.com/leasing-information.php.

YouTube’s New Logoless Player

Posted: June 13, 2011   |  

According to a recent post on YouTube’s blog, the YouTube logo at the bottom of an embedded video is now optional.  So, you now can embed a YouTube video on your Web site without the YouTube branding in the control bar.

The blog post, written by Software Engineer Kevin Wilson, states, “Many of you have asked us for a version of the YouTube player without a YouTube logo, so the video plays without any branding nearby.”  To remove the YouTube logo, you added the following string at the end of the embed code:


Do note that the branding is modest according to this string.  A small “YouTube” text still appears at the top right when you hover over a paused video, but this is far less noticeable than the YouTube brand.

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