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Redesigned MBBark site launches

Posted: January 14, 2013   |  

Integra Strategic has launched a redesigned site for MB Bark at goes live

Posted: January 10, 2013   |   Tags:

Integra Strategic has finished and launched a new site for Maine’s Credit Unions at The website features a responsive design to accomodate mobile devices. Check it out and find your nearest credit union branch or ATM location.

Integra featured in Mainebiz story on tech community

Posted: March 8, 2012   |  

Mainebiz reporter Mindy Woerter recently interviewed Tim Brooks of Integra Strategic Technologies for a story about the tech community in Maine (“Efforts under way to revive Maine’s tech community”, March 5, 2012). The story focuses on the work that Tim and other tech professionals are doing to re-create a sense of community after the state’s technology association disbanded. The group is exploring ongoing tech education, technology oriented user groups, and job posting options.

In addition to Tim volunteering his time, Integra is helping to build a Web site for this new tech community effort. The first feature will enable Maine’s tech community to post information about upcoming events, but the group is exploring many other additional options. Read more at Mainebiz, or contact Tim for more information on how you can participate. Goes Live

Posted: December 22, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra Strategic has finished and launched the new and improved Maine Restaurant Week website: The website features a design done by Jayne Hanley and stunning food photography by Ted Axelrod.

The site went live on Monday, 12/19.

Maine Restaurant Week starts March 1 2012, so check out the site and start whetting your appetite! Goes Live

Posted: August 2, 2011   |   Tags:

Today at 10 am EDT, the latest in a series of new Fisheries Exchange websites developed by Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting, went live.

The sites goal is to connect commercial buyers of Salmon (large scale) with commercial suppliers of Salmon (large scale).

You can view the site here: Salmon Suppliers

Integra Strategic Joins the Casco Bay Technology Hub

Posted: July 21, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Portland, Maine –Casco Bay Technology Hub (CBTH)—a Maine-based tech community space providing collaboration, partnerships, and networking opportunities, today announced Integra Strategic, an Internet and Web strategy consulting company, as a founding member of CBTH.

Integra Strategic specializes in developing and designing Web sites as well as Web-based applications and online toolsets.  They work to improve their clients’ data management and collection processes to improve functionality in the online ordering process, streamlining the overall business process.

“The Tech Hub provides a fantastic opportunity to bring some of Portland’s leading technology companies together in the same building,” said Tim Brooks, Principal at Integra Strategic.  “The goal is to create a collaborative, synergistic environment where companies—even competitors—are able to work closely together.”

Through support of its members, CBTH will become a geographic focal point where technology culture fuels business growth.  The Casco Bay Tech Hub offers many great benefits for Maine technology companies that will aid them in recruitment, building partnerships, networking, education and funding growth.  Through CBTH, local tech companies can share, learn and work together as they build relationships with other tech companies, educational institutions, service providers, funding sources and government entities.

For more information on the technology hub and leasing information please visit:

About Casco Bay Technology Hub

CBTH is located at 30 Danforth Street on the second and third floors in Portland, ME. There is no membership fee or any associated costs, prospective members only need is desire to build a tech culture in Maine and the ability to vote for that desire by leasing space at affordable rates.  If you’re interested in the TechHub please visit,

Site Launch: MobyRx

Posted: May 24, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra has launched a new web site for MobyRx, a new neighborhood pharmacy located in South Portland Maine.  At MobyRx, the staff is interested in the health and well being of its customers and strives to provide the best care and customer service to its clients. Visit the new site at

Site Launch: Maine Pellet Fuels Association

Posted: April 13, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra has created and launched a new web site for the Maine Pellet Fuels Association.  Committed to a future of energy independence by helping the citizens of Maine and New England convert to economical, renewable, environmentally safe, and locally produced wood pellet fuel, aims to connect consumers of alternate energy forms with suppliers.

Site Launch: Prouts Realty

Posted: March 2, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Today Integra launched a web site for a new realtor located in Scarborough, Maine, Prouts Realty (  Prouts Realty is a smaller  “specialty firm,” whose guiding principle to provide is personal service. Their policy is for all three owners to be there to represent their  buyers and sellers throughout their entire transaction.

Integra Launches Four New Sites for iSixSigma and Ideal Media

Posted: February 1, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra announced today the launch of four redeveloped sites for iSixSigma, a division of Chicago-based Ideal Media. Integra provided the complete interactive solution for all four sites, including information architecture, site design, and a suite of highly customized content management tools.

iSixSigma Marketplace is a user-focused ecommerce site that provides business management information and software for business professionals, students, and instructors. The iSixSigma Job Shop provides companies from around the world with a platform for finding qualified Six Sigma employees. The iSixSigma Magazine site allows visitors to browse magazine issues and stories, manage their magazine subscriptions, and access the magazine’s digital edition. Finally, iSixSigma Live publishes information about iSixSigma’s upcoming conferences, webinars, and social networking events.

A central goal of the redevelopment was to create a single, centralized data repository for all four sites, allowing iSixSigma to manage and track on-line purchases, job placements, magazine subscriptions, and conference attendance for all site visitors in a single database. The sites also were designed to maintain a consistent look and feel across all of CTQ Media’s sites.

“This project required that Integra understand our business on a granular level. They did that and created four world-class sites. The results have been fantastic,” said Kevin Francella, Ideal Media COO.

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