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Scams for World Peace

Posted: May 24, 2011   |  

We’ve all seen those money scams telling us that we have funds waiting for us or asking us to help get money out of some country in exchange for 10-25% of a several million dollar account.  The English is never good–sometimes comical–and they’re always written in a style that suggests the sender is only looking after your best interest. All they need is your social security number to confirm that you are who you say you are and your bank account information so that they can transfer funds.  It’s really hard to believe people fall for these scams, but I suppose they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t have at least some degree of success.

The one I received today had a new twist:  contacting the sender somehow would help fight terrorism and otherwise facility peace.  Here’s the text:


Again, we plead that you accept our apologies for the delay in your payment completion,so final payment approval has been given in your favour. Therefore, we hereby wish to allay your fears and assure you of the final release of your delayed payment.Therefore you are to make contact immediately for final payment processing. Funds will be released within 7 working days from the moment your information is confirmed with all requisite legal payment processing completed.

You are therefore advised to contact following:
Contact Person: Mr. WADE KAHN.
Email: [removed]

Furthermore, we notify your good-self of the fraudulent activities of an International fraud syndicate out to defraud innocent and unsuspecting beneficiaries. To this effect, we must all team up to fight against this menace just like the present and on-going war against terror for the sake of peace and mankind. It is our duty to guide,guard and protect all beneficiaries and ensure they do not fall into wrong hands. Please again, accept our apologies for the wrong done to you in the past while assuring you that justice will be done; so that you will receive your funds without any further delays. Website: [removed]

Regards, Ms. Jill Colman.
for: Mr. Wade KAHN.
Alternate Email: [removed]

The fact that Jill Colman wants to protect my “good-self” from fraudulent activities is quite reassuring.  I’m not sure what wrong has been done to me in the past, but it’s good to know that justice now will be done for the sake of mankind.

An Opportunistic Option

Posted: April 12, 2011   |  

I must confess that I am a little suspicious of this email, especially since this aid to Mubarak got his first name wrong.

Dear Sir,

My name is Alex Philson Ammon; I worked as one of the aids to the deposed government of Hussein Mubarak of Egypt. When the 18 days of civil unrest/protest that finally forced Mubarak out of office started, he entrusted into my care the sum of Fourty Five million Three Hundred Thousand united states dollars [$45,300,000.00] for safe keeping, following the news that Swiss bank has confiscated his one hundred and seventy billion dollars offshore in their country.

The Fourty Five million Three Hundred Thousand United States dollars [$45,300 000.00] in my possession is presently somewhere with a security and finance company in Asia as classified material pending claim. Now that his government has collapsed and he Mubarak flown out of Egypt to seek asylum, I am left with an opportunistic option to divert this money for my private use as situation at hand have cut off communication with my self and our leader Mubarak in the interim.

My main reason for my contacting you is to seek for your business expertise if you have any, as in my entire life, I have worked as a civil servant and does not have good business idea or what to invest this huge money into for myself and my only son. If you think you can partner with us feel free to get back to me soonest for discussion of this deal and further details.

Get back tom through this my private contact email:[removed]


Alex Philson Ammon

“Our only source of survival”

Posted: March 21, 2011   |  

This just arrived from Edward Kong, with the subject line “Urgent Reponse”:

I am glad you responded to my proposal, I do strongly hope we can trust you and you will not jeopardize our effort. The funds are our only source of survival right now and I don’t want anything to jeopardize our success.

It is not clear what “success” is being jeopardized here, but there was an attachment that probably would have told me everything I needed to know.  And yet, I chose not to open it.

Tina Ray is trying to steal my money

Posted: February 16, 2011   |  

I’m not sure who Tina Ray is, but I’ve just received this email suggesting she’s trying to collect my $10.5 million.  I definitely need to contact Mr. Mulen right away.

Sorry for the delay in your payment, because of the distraction we have from Tina Ray who came to claim your fund, we want to be sure before releasing your fund,did you send her to claim your $10.5m dollars, if not, reconfirm.

house address#

Mr. Franklin Mulen

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