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Integra Strategic Joins the Casco Bay Technology Hub

Posted: July 21, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Portland, Maine –Casco Bay Technology Hub (CBTH)—a Maine-based tech community space providing collaboration, partnerships, and networking opportunities, today announced Integra Strategic, an Internet and Web strategy consulting company, as a founding member of CBTH.

Integra Strategic specializes in developing and designing Web sites as well as Web-based applications and online toolsets.  They work to improve their clients’ data management and collection processes to improve functionality in the online ordering process, streamlining the overall business process.

“The Tech Hub provides a fantastic opportunity to bring some of Portland’s leading technology companies together in the same building,” said Tim Brooks, Principal at Integra Strategic.  “The goal is to create a collaborative, synergistic environment where companies—even competitors—are able to work closely together.”

Through support of its members, CBTH will become a geographic focal point where technology culture fuels business growth.  The Casco Bay Tech Hub offers many great benefits for Maine technology companies that will aid them in recruitment, building partnerships, networking, education and funding growth.  Through CBTH, local tech companies can share, learn and work together as they build relationships with other tech companies, educational institutions, service providers, funding sources and government entities.

For more information on the technology hub and leasing information please visit:

About Casco Bay Technology Hub

CBTH is located at 30 Danforth Street on the second and third floors in Portland, ME. There is no membership fee or any associated costs, prospective members only need is desire to build a tech culture in Maine and the ability to vote for that desire by leasing space at affordable rates.  If you’re interested in the TechHub please visit,

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