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Integra Launches Four New Sites for iSixSigma and Ideal Media

Posted: February 1, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra announced today the launch of four redeveloped sites for iSixSigma, a division of Chicago-based Ideal Media. Integra provided the complete interactive solution for all four sites, including information architecture, site design, and a suite of highly customized content management tools.

iSixSigma Marketplace is a user-focused ecommerce site that provides business management information and software for business professionals, students, and instructors. The iSixSigma Job Shop provides companies from around the world with a platform for finding qualified Six Sigma employees. The iSixSigma Magazine site allows visitors to browse magazine issues and stories, manage their magazine subscriptions, and access the magazine’s digital edition. Finally, iSixSigma Live publishes information about iSixSigma’s upcoming conferences, webinars, and social networking events.

A central goal of the redevelopment was to create a single, centralized data repository for all four sites, allowing iSixSigma to manage and track on-line purchases, job placements, magazine subscriptions, and conference attendance for all site visitors in a single database. The sites also were designed to maintain a consistent look and feel across all of CTQ Media’s sites.

“This project required that Integra understand our business on a granular level. They did that and created four world-class sites. The results have been fantastic,” said Kevin Francella, Ideal Media COO.

Site Launch: iSixSigma Job Shop

Posted: January 22, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Today Integra Strategic launched yet another website in the iSixSigma family: iSixSigma Job Shop.  iSixSigma Job Shop provides targeted Six Sigma jobs for job seekers and employers alike, attracting leading companies from all over the world.  iSixSigma Job Shop can be found at

Site Launch: iSixSigma Magazine

Posted: December 29, 2010   |   Tags: ,

Today Integra Strategic announces the launch of the next website in the iSixSigma suite: iSixSIgma Magazine.  iSixSigma Magazine offers readers insights, strategies and tools for business solutions, helping businesses become more profitable and more successful.  iSixSigma Magazine can be found at

Site Launch: iSixSigma Marketplace

Posted: November 20, 2010   |   Tags: ,

Integra Strategic is pleased to announce the launch of iSixSigma Marketplace, one in a series of websites that are being redeveloped for iSixSigma.  iSixSigma Marketplace publishes business management products for business professionals, instructors, and students alike—all delivered electronically for immediate download.  Visit iSixSigma Marketplace at

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