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Posted: December 22, 2011   |   Tags: ,

Integra Strategic has finished and launched the new and improved Maine Restaurant Week website: The website features a design done by Jayne Hanley and stunning food photography by Ted Axelrod.

The site went live on Monday, 12/19.

Maine Restaurant Week starts March 1 2012, so check out the site and start whetting your appetite!


Hate HTML coding for Outlook? Too bad!

Posted: May 9, 2011   |   Tags: , ,

Most people realize that coding html newsletters can be fun–that is, until you have to start making sure that it looks correct in Outlook…

Outlook 2007 bases it’s html rendering engine on Microsoft Word (What? Really?), which was a step backwards from Outlook 2003, who happened to use a sort of ‘Internet Explorer Lite.’ I’m assuming the engineer that thought using a browser to display HTML was a good idea, has since been fired.

Unfortunately, ‘recent’ reports regarding email client market share are incredibly expensive as they are typically based on large scale polling, but I was able to find a few different reports that have since been ‘free-ified.’

As you can see, Outlook is still top dog. Regardless of what people say about Microsoft losing their grip, they are still alive and well in the business sector. GMail/Yahoo/etc are not currently acceptable for major corporations for a variety of reasons, archiving/data retention being a big one, so services like Outlook/Exchange are still in demand. With this in mind, grit your teeth, forget everything cool you learned about CSS, and prepare to send 1,000’s of test messages into Outlook to get your fancily designed html newsletter up to snuff.

If you don’t have Outlook, try signing up for a free account at Contactology–They have a free email client simulator that should cover most of your needs as it simulates all major email platforms, as well as giving you a spam analysis of your code for one low price of $0.00. Not too bad.


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