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The iSixSigma Marketplace is a publisher of business management information who cares about the products they create and offer for sale. They have been publishing continuously on the Internet since May 2000, and originally created the iSixSigma Marketplace to allow smaller consultants and providers an opportunity to reach the Six Sigma market in a cost effective and low-risk manner. Many of these independent providers create phenomenal products and materials but lack the resources to perform marketing, sales, customer service or transaction fulfillment. Enter the iSixSigma Marketplace.

This site, one of 4 in the iSixSigma suite of sites, required a highly custom set of content management tools to allow our client to manage a large volume of digital products that are searchable, available for secure purchase, and instantly downloadable. User accounts are managed using Integra's custom tools by both account holders in the front end as well as by system administrators in the back end. Back end tools allow product tagging so that products can be connected to other products and presented to shoppers dynamically as related product suggestions during the checkout process.

This site makes use of Ajax and jQuery technologies to integrate with a MySQL database, dynamically updating Web pages with maximum performance in mind. The site interfaces with a Plug'n Pay payment gateway for a secure and reliable eCommerce solution. Integra's custom tools facilitate the management and sale of the many hundreds of electronic documents available on this site, materials which provide real inspiration and whose concepts and ideas drive higher performance.

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"Integra Strategic created a site that is inviting, easy to use, and beautifully designed. It feels great to be able to direct people to the site, and know that they will be able to find the information they need, but also that they will be impressed by the site itself. Integra Strategic made the process of putting together a site easy and collaborative. I cannot imagine a better host, in every sense of the word."

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