Apothecary by Design

There was a time when the "apothecary" was a place where you could get safe, reliable medicines, carefully prepared by experienced professionals, coupled with care and attention focused on you and your unique health concerns. Apothecary by Design is that kind of pharmacy - one uniquely focused on health and wellness. It's a place built around the forgotten notion that you don't just need your prescriptions filled, but you need attention, advice and individualized care.

We listened extensively to our client describe the way they view their business and the way they hoped web site visitors would interact with their site, and we came up with a clean and uncluttered design while maintaining deep and thorough content which showcases Apothecary By Design's comprehensive understanding of health and wellness issues.

We created a back-end tool that provides content management for the Apothecary By Design site as well as for its sister site, Perx-U-Up Specialty Coffee Shop and Café. Among other features, this system allows the client to customize pages by adding testimonials, links and related content to them, as well as create new and delete unwanted pages. The left side navigation and right side bars links are completely configurable, as are home page images, text and links.

Both the front end of the site and content management system use state-of-the-art web technologies including JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax, which deliver just the right combination of usability and pizzazz.


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