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The iSixSigma Job Shop provides targeted Six Sigma jobs from leading companies around the world. The largest companies and the most prestigious recruiters in the world visit the iSixSigma Job Shop on a regular basis to place job postings and seek out potential new employees. Thousands of monthly online visitors advance their careers and contribute to the success of their organizations through a wide range of tools for matching up skilled job seekers with specific job requirements.

One site in the suite of iSixSigma sites, under the hood iSixSigma Job Shop is a full-fledged software application. While we created a look and feel that is visually related to the other iSixSigma sites Integra has built, it remains unique in its brand and its functionality. Integra built custom content management tools for system administrators to manage employers and job seeker accounts, analyze site statistics and generate reports. Employers and job seekers can also login in to their own accounts on the front end of the site, where they can manage some of the many thousands of job listings and job seeker accounts in the system database.

This site makes heavy use of Ajax and jQuery technologies to efficiently match up job seekers with available jobs that have been posted by employers. Nightly server processes perform job alert searches and manage expiring subscriptions and accounts so that user data remains fresh and up to date. The overall effect of the iSixSigma Job Shop is a system that is easy to use, front and back, for maximum effectiveness.

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"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Integra Strategic on the complete recreation of our site. Tim Brooks and his team impressed us with their technical abilities as well as with their insight into what we needed to do to make our site the industry showcase it has become."

M. Denis Hill Marketing Director
Soyatech LLC