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Established in 1990, Solo Fitness & Wellness has developed in-home personal training & wellness programs for its clients. Each client undergoes a comprehensive physical assessment that leads to the design of an individualized program. Solo Fitness and Wellness is all about helping its clients succeed with a balanced exercise and wellness regimen that becomes a consistent part of his or her life. Solo Fitness and Wellness dedicates itself to making this experience in client's life a manageable and thriving adventure.

When we at Integra first met the owner of SoloFitness, we knew we had a natural born technology tinkerer on our hands. She came to us wanting — and getting — an extremely high level of control over her website. We created content management tools for her which allowed for total customization of the home page, from promotions in the left sidebar to fitness programs, which are shown off front and center. On interior pages, the client can tag "See Also" and special promotion content, which both appear in the right sidebars. A hosted Wordpress blog finishes off the site for added keyword rich content with an integrated design.

We trained our client in how to structure her pages to get the most out of the content management system we built her, and she rose to the occasion, creating dozens of pages profiling her health specialists and showcasing her services. With a bold color palette and crisp design, this site is ready to run.

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