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"Integra Strategic has an outstanding ability to analyze business processes and concepts and convert them to a web platform. With their participation, our web sites have become valuable resources to our industry and powerful tools for our organization."

Chris Crocker, Vice President
National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

There are 14 billion online searches per month and nearly a billion users of social media sites out there, and company's ability to reach them depends on your website's visibility on the internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting at Integra will better your search rankings for both new and existing sites, using proven techniques and cutting edge marketing strategies that build long-term value for your business. Beyond rank, we will increase the usability of your site and increase your conversion rate. At Integra we have the expertise to both analyze your site and implement an SEO campaign that fits your business and your community.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) at Integra supplies clients with the strategies necessary to drive quality traffic to your site right away. In today's virtual marketplace, it is essential you rank high on search engines' results pages, apply social media marketing tactics to your advantage, and do it all with an eye towards Return on Investment. We can guide you through the process. Our quality SEM can be a harmonious part of any marketing campaign and represents a great opportunity to pinpoint a target audience and present them with highly relevant ads for your product. It's a great complement to our SEO work.

We offer our clients:


- Keyword Analysis: What terms are your potential clients searching for? Which keyphrases are best from the perspective of ROI?
- Competitive Analysis: What are your competitors doing that makes them appear before you on Google and other search engines?
- Site Review: What does your page need to do to perform better both for search engines and for your clients?
- Link Building Analysis: What sites should your site pursue links with in order to drive quality traffic to your site and boost rankings?


- Hands-on editing of pages/code
- Link building campaign
- Pay per Click campaign
- Web redesign, development


- Readjustment: We keep up with the latest changes to search engine algorithms and readjust your site so that it adapts to them.
- Repositioning: We keep an eye on your target phrases, those of your competitors, and those that have potential to deliver quality traffic to your site as search patterns change.
- Reporting: We send you periodic reports about the performance of your site on Google and other search engines, monthly traffic, conversion rate statistics and ROI for Pay per Click campaigns.

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"Integra Strategic manages to provide exceptional quality in every step of the process. Our multi-year relationship has proven to be one of the best decisions the company has ever made regarding our Web site development efforts. "

Lisa Stefanoff Director of Technology
National Association for the Specialty Food Trade