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We don't use technologies because they're sexy.
We use them because they're useful.

"Integra Strategic's work on our Web site was incredibly and unusually professional in all respects. The product is outstanding, and we regularly receive accolades on the creative design and the ease of navigation through the site. In addition, Integra's wise counsel with respect to the effectiveness of the site was right on the mark, and the assurance of ongoing and quick response to any issues that might arise has been more than fulfilled. Of all of the vendors and service companies with which we have worked, Integra Strategic is stands alone at the very top of the list. When we think of Integra Strategic, only superlatives come to mind."

M. Denis Hill, Marketing Director
Soyatech LLC

In an industry awash with buzzwords, we've stuck to the fundamentals: Solid code built on mature technologies and using tried-and-true development techniques. It starts with a clear strategy, a sound architecture, and the right design. Only then do we roll up our sleeves and get coding.

Open standards: The hallmark of modern Web development.

We develop all of our sites and applications using Open Source tools. That means more flexibility, more innovation, and quite simply put, better code.

Cross-browser support: Everyone's invited to the clubhouse.

There was a time when nearly everyone on the planet used one of two Web browsers available. Those days are long gone (and that's a good thing), but it presents a challenge to make it all work in the dozen or so major browsers in use today. Not to worry, as we're very keen on ensuring everyone gets to see your message.

Platforms and frameworks: Building upon the proven.

Why re-invent the wheel when the car's already built? As much we love to write code, sometimes it's just smarter to build upon what's been proven to work. We work in tools such as Drupal, WordPress, jQuery, and CodeIgniter (to name a few) for rapid prototyping and streamlined development.

Metrics: It's how you know what's happening.

Every site we launch includes statistics provided by Google Analytics, a free (but powerful) Web analysis service. You'll be able to view traffic reports, discover browsing patterns, and even track your e-commerce sales. We also connect your site to Google Webmaster Tools to provide search engines with XML sitemaps of your site for better indexing and even more visitor metrics.

Visit our portfolio.

We've built effective Web presences for a diverse range of clients, from Mom 'n Pops to the Corporate Enterprise. Check out some of our best work in our portfolio.

Web applications & online tools.

Web-based applications boost productivity and streamlines business processes. Let us show you how we've worked with our clients to fulfil their needs.

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"Integra Strategic has an outstanding ability to analyze business processes and concepts and convert them to a web platform. With their participation, our web sites have become valuable resources to our industry and powerful tools for our organization."

Chris Crocker Vice President
National Association for the Specialty Food Trade